We've been hit hard with rain in northern Illinois the past few weeks. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Stephenson County.

I drove out to Freeport last weekend and was shocked at the amount of standing water, and it's only going to get worse. The state has issued a disaster proclamation for the county.

With the abundance of closed roads in the area, you may be tempted to ignore a road closed sign after many attempts to get to your location.


Not only is it dangerous and could result in you needing a rescue, which would burden emergency response teams even more, it could net you a fine and possibly some jail time.

MyStateline - Motorists who are caught driving on closed roads could face up to a %500 fine and even jail time in Stephenson County.

My advice would be to just avoid the area completely until some calm returns to the area. If you do need to visit the area now, give yourself plenty of time because the route you usually take is probably closed off.

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