You won't believe how much money the state of Illinois spends on picking up trash on the side of highways.


Spring Is The Grossest Season In Illinois

In my opinion, spring is the grossest season in Illinois. When I drove into the suburbs to see my mom last weekend, I noticed how disgusting it is all along I-90.


First of all, the plants and grass are still brown from the long hard winter but that's not even the worst part. On the shoulder and in the fields along the tollway were just piles and piles of trash.


During the winter, the snow covers it but now it's there for all to see and it's really disgusting. It seems to get much worse every year. Plus, it's become an all-year thing nowadays.


Litterbugs Make Me Angry

If I had a nickel for every time I witnessed something throw garbage out of their car window, I would be a rich man. It really pissed me off. Seriously, they can't hold on to it until their next stop. I'll never understand why.


Illinois Has Serious Litter Problem Along The Highways

If you think that littering in our state is not your problem, well then, you are mistaken. Illinois spends millions of dollars every year on the picking up of trash on our highways.

That is such a waste of money. Think about all the better things we could use that cash for. It makes me sick to my stomach.


According to,

"Litter is more than just an eyesore - it has real, negative consequences for the environment and communities, while unnecessarily costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year."


"In 2021, IDOT spent approximately $41.3 million statewide on picking up litter, sweeping shoulders, and removing large debris."


"That's the equivalent of resurfacing 21 miles of four lanes of interstate or purchasing 261 new maintenance trucks that also plow snow in winter."



Littering Is Against The Law In Illinois

If the disgusting factor doesn't change your littering then maybe this will. Littering in Illinois is illegal. You can receive a $1,500 fine if caught in the act. Please, do me a favor and just stop doing it.

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