It's amazing what surprises can be right around the corner. 

I had no idea this monstrosity was sitting right behind the new Sports Factory right downtown.

Wondering what it's purpose was I wandered over to their website where they have this short explanation:

Located on the south side of the UW Health Sports Factory, Big Hoop stands tall along the riverwalk giving players and spectators a beautiful photo opportunity.

Big Hoop is 10 feet in diameter, 250 pounds, and 30 feet high. The backboard alone is 21 feet wide.

A member of the Rockford Park District team saw this hoop at a surplus store on the way to Huntley, so we purchased it for $450

So there you have it. There's a 30 foot basketball hoop downtown for the same reason you bought that pack of Starbursts last time at the grocery. You saw it and wanted it. Pretty cool.

Now if we could only do something about that ugly building behind it. Any ideas?