They say you learn something new every day, and today I learned that America has a few other Statue of Libertys standing proud within our borders, and one of them lives with our neighbors to the North.

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Sure this Lady Liberty may not be a gift from France, she may be much smaller than her famous sister, but she still has a mighty reason for her existence.

Where In America Can You Find This Smaller Lady Liberty?

The beautiful lady pictured above presides 15 feet over the city of Neenah, Wisconsin, and thanks to, I learned that Neenah's version isn't the only smaller-scale tribute to Lady Liberty that exists in our nation,(obviously, I don't travel near enough because my mind is currently blown), but that South Dakota, Pennsylvania, California, and Alabama also have smaller versions of their own. Let's stay focused on Neenah's lady though, specifically where you can find her.

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According to, Neenah's Lady Liberty stands at the busy intersection of North Commercial Street and West Wisconsin Avenue in the middle of Neenah, and that she was a gift from the employees of Bergstrom Enterprises, which is a large car dealer based there. The base she stands on has an inscription that reads;

This Memorial is dedicated on this 100th birthday of Lady Liberty in honor of those who have given their lives to make freedom a continuing reality in Neenah. July 4, 1986. The employees of Bergstrom Enterprises.

Did you know this Statue of Liberty existed, or am I the only one that has been living in the dark for the last 41 years? LOL!

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