Remember when the snow sculpting event at Sinnissippi used to get cancelled, what seemed like, about every other year because there wasn't enough snow?

Those days have been over since 2016 sicne the city of Rockford began making their own snow for the annual event.

The press release they sent out makes some good sense of giving to the fake stuff when needed.

Making snow provides a more pristine product with a better consistency for sculptors to utilize, and also enhances the viewing experience for the community.

That checks out, see more definition in the snow when there aren't any impurities.

The event starts next Wednesday, January 26tn at Sinnissippi Park when 2.5 ton blocks of snow will be delivered to the site where each team is designing in the competition. The rules are pretty simple, no power tools but the go into a little more detail in their press release.

Three sculptors make up a state team, and high school teams have four sculptors. The sculptors may not use any power tools or pre-fabricated molds. Teams use axes, machetes, water buckets, shovels, saws, ice chisels, and homemade scraping tools. Each team is assigned (by lottery) a block of snow that is 6 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 10 feet high.

Contest runs through Saturday morning at 10AM when the contestants have to put the chisel down.

After that the sculptures and evaluated and critiqued by the artists themselves, I think that's a great idea and applies some accountability to the situation.

No charge when it comes to the competition, so don't be afraid to take a whirl through the park so see the progress along the week.

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