Illinois has new celebrities, and they're the cutest! This week, an adorable set of twins from Davis Junction was featured on an episode of 'Chicago P.D.'

Maybe it's just me, but this is the cutest celeb story I've ever told. And apparently, this isn't the first time someone in this family has been in the spotlight. I think I have a new local group of celebrities to fan over and root for!

Davis Junction Twin Girls Featured in an Episode of 'Chicago P.D.'

Olivia and Jade Peterson, 10 months old, of Davis Junction hit the spotlight in an episode of 'Chicago P.D' this week. The time on the screen they have happened when their mom, Cara Peterson, submitted their photo to a casting call.

Davis Junction Twins Featured on Episode of Chicago P.D.
Cara Peterson

Jade (pictured) and Olivia were needed for an episode of the show that needed a set of twins. I think it's safe to say the adorable girls look like they had the time of their life. While filming, they made many new friends with fellow castmates.

Adorable Davis Junction Twins Featured on Chicago P.D.
Cara Peterson

In an interview with WREX, Cara Peterson said,

The experience was so fun. They were so nice to the babies. Everyone was awesome on set, so friendly and it was so much fun.

However, this isn't the first time a member of this beautiful family has been spotlighted. Their iconic dog, Dash, has also been the star of some commercials. Take a look at the doggo in action!

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How cool, right? It's so exciting to me when local stories like this happen. Illinois seems to be quite the place for celebrities to come into the spotlight. Here are more celebrities to come out of the Land of Lincoln!


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