Danica Patrick was not happy with the boo-birds at her last NASCAR event. 

The Roscoe native had enough after her last race in the Poconos and she wanted to let her detractors know.

Here's what she had to say.

Since I'm old, instead of taking the booing, what I want to tell you is like, I'[m doing the very best I can. If you're a real fan, you know that I'm not just like, my job is not to sign autographs, right? My job is to drive a car and to tell the crew chief what's going on. I don't appreciate the booing. It hurts my feelings. I'm a (expletive) person, you know what I mean? I'm a person, too. I have feelings. When you boo me, it hurts my feelings. Okay? Please just be supportive fans. I'll do everything I can.

This is a pretty dicey situation for me. I've always said that you can boo anyone you want as a fan. It's part of being a fan. There's another part of me that also supports Danica in the fact that if you can dish it out you need to be able to take it.

I'm sure it's tough for Danica being in NASCAR. There are no doubt fans who single her out just because she's a woman and that can be tiring. But she needs to understand that at the end of the day you're driving a car fast to make a very good living and maybe that stuff should just roll off your back.

It sounds like the booing started when she wouldn't sign some autographs, which is another touchy subject for me, autograph people kind of weird me out. So maybe she should just toss a racing glove to her fans or something like that.

Whatever the case this isn't the best look for Danica. Hopefully, she'll learn from this and save the outbursts and swearing for when there aren't a thousand cameras on her. Just a thought.

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