A dangerous bacterial disease infecting dogs in Illinois can be spread and infect human too.

Leptospirosis is on the rise in Chicago and it's spreading.

Leptospirosis, according to NBC Chicago, is "carried in rats and is often contracted by dogs through the consumption of standing water. The bacteria that causes leptospirosis is spread through the urine of infected animals and can live in water or soil for weeks to months."

Dogs are more likely to catch this disease do to drinking water from puddles and from standing in them and licking their paws clean.

"Lepto symptoms are similar to those of the flu, including vomiting and diarrhea. But if untreated, it can lead to kidney and liver failure and possibly death."

Those same symptoms found in dogs will happen to humans if you've come in contact with it through urine, water, soil and body fluids except saliva. The bacteria can enters through the mucus membranes of our bodies: eyes, nose, mouth as well as our skin if cut or scratched.

To avoid your dogs from getting Lepto make sure they don't drink from places where water is standing, or from bowls at parks or other places that are left out for dogs. Also, if your dog has been in puddles, wipe their feet down with wipes afterwards.

Eww... gross... that's just nasty.

I hate rats. Although Chicago has a problem with them, that doesn't mean we in Rockford can sit back and be like "we're all good". Think about it they're are plenty of places around this city where rats a can be found and all it takes is one rat to have this disease to start infecting dogs.