State Treasurer and GOP candidate for Governor, Dan Rutherford, joined us on the show this morning to respond to allegations made in a lawsuit filed by a former employee in the Treasurer's office.

Rutherford says the claims of sexual harassment and fundraising pressure are totally false. He says the timing of the allegations clearly are meant to hinder his quest for the nomination:

I don't think there's anyone out there in Planet Politics that doesn't realize when an accuser comes forward with allegations of three years ago, which are false, and did not take advantage of the inspector general process but [instead] waited until six weeks before an election...I mean it's totally calculated, totally political.


Rutherford wouldn't directly say that the Bruce Rauner campaign is behind the effort, but believes voters can put the pieces together:

So you see all these dots out there; I just think it's easy to connect. People aren't ignorant or [too] dumb to understand the political ramifications of trying to keep people out of this so one person can win. And [to] bring up allegations years and years and years old that were never substantiated, never reported, but do it when you're just weeks fact, in the middle of early voting.

Here's the full interview:

Rutherford will be in Belvidere for a Rutherford/Kim yard sign pick up on Saturday, February 15, at Ned's Restaurant. He told us he'll be on hand from 3:30-4:30pm answering any questions voters might have...and that his campaign is 'full speed ahead.'


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