Here is a current video of inside the empty Machesney Park Mall.

My First Visits To Rockford

I am not originally from Rockford but I have worked and lived here for a long time. The very first time I ever came to Rockford, I was very young so I really do not remember. My parents have told me about it. We came up to check out the Clock Museum inside the Clocktower Resort and have dinner at the Hoffman House. Years later, I would come back with some friends to spend the day at Magic Waters.

When I was in college at Illinois State University, I would make frequent trips to Rockford. A couple of my classmates were from the area. They invited me up for the weekend to hang out. One of my favorite memories was coming up for On The Waterfront. That was a lot of fun.

Shopping At Machesney Park Mall

I started dating a girl from town, so I would come up with her to visit her family. They lived near Machesney Park Mall. We would go there quite a bit. During the summer and Christmas breaks, she worked at the movie theater in the mall.

I remember it was a pretty cool place back in those days. Of course, it had movie theaters, a game room, and plenty of tasty places to eat. There was a nice selection of stores too. It was a fun way to pass the time and got us out of the house.

What Is Located At Machesney Park Mall Now

Unfortunately, like many malls across Illinois, it closed down. Now, there are only two stores located on the front side of the building. They are Big Lots and Burlington Coat Factory. It is set up like a strip mall now.

I did not even realize there was any of the actual mall left until a couple of years ago. I was doing a live broadcast from Keith School's Classics and Chrome Car Show inside the former JC Penny Outlet location. That is when I figured out some of the mall building was still standing.

Let's Take A Look Inside

Ever since that day, I thought it would be fun to explore the former mall to see what it is like in that empty space now. I did not have any connections to help make that happen but I finally got an interesting look on the inside.

Somebody got access and brought in a camera. Then, they posted the video on YouTube. You gotta love the internet. I think this is why it was invented. Check it out for yourself.

From Mall Aholic Retail Channel YouTube Channel


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