Will the Cubs be taking a trip to Dyersville, Iowa next season for the Field of Dreams game? They will according to Cubs manager David Ross.

The White Sox will be playing in the inaugural Field of Dreams game tonight against the Yankees. A game you can listen to right here on 1440 WROK. The MLB hasn't said who would be playing in next year's game, or if there even would be another Field of Dreams game.

Then reporters were talking to Cubs manager David Ross about the Dyersville, Iowa game before the Cubs were dominated by the Brewers 10-0. Cubs reporter Gordon Wittenmyer described the interaction beautifully on NBCSports.com.

When the subject of Thursday's White Sox-Yankees game in Dyersville, Iowa, was raised, Ross said: "We're in that next year, right?"

At which point, the Cubs' nearby media relations rep blanched, and Ross realized it hadn't been announced yet.

"No, we're not, we're not, we're not," he said grinning, then lightly banged his head against the dugout wall a few times.

Just a classic blunder from the Cubs skipper. I have been searching the internet for video of this interaction but there doesn't seem to be one so we'll have to take the written account as gospel.

As Riley O'Neil pointed out this morning, just a wonderful use of the word "blanched" in that story. I'd love to know what was going through his mind right there. Was he supposed to tell Ross? Did he let him know it was a secret? Just an awkward moment for everyone.

Who Will The Cubs Be Playing?

Well, unfortunately, David Ross realized he messed up before he divulged anymore information. The odds on favorite for the Cubs opponent in next year's Field of Dreams game has to be the St. Louis Cardinals. Geographically it makes sense and they were originally going to be playing the White Sox before the game was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID.

No word on if the Cubs will actually be any good next year. One thing is for certain though, Jake Arrietta will not be playing for the Cubs when they play amongst the corn next year. He was released by the Cubs today after what seems like his 100th consecutive bad start.

Thanks for the memories Jake. Have a good life.

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