Say goodbye to all that money you made last season, ticket holders, things are changing.

Plenty of season ticket holders made bank in the post season this year.

Just think about it, if you had season tickets and sold two tickets for each Cubs home postseason game for $100, you'd have made $1600.

And you know tickets were sold for far more than that.

The money was rolling in. But the Cubs aren't having that. They want their season ticket holders to be true fans who want to go to each and every game. So they're cracking down.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs organization has the right to take away season ticket holders' seats at any time for any reason and they've been doing that based on the amount of tickets the holders were getting rid of in the past season.

This is terrible for those holder who have been benefiting from selling their seats, but it's great for anyone who's been waiting on the season ticket list for years.