Illinois has been without a budget for a significant amount of time. In fact, we're approaching the point of operating for half of a fiscal year without a spending plan in place. However, if one lawmaker is to be believed, we're just getting started.

State Sen. Christine Radogno says "it's possible" the standoff over the state budget could last drag on for several years if Democrats aren't willing to compromise. The Senate Republican leader made the comment while speaking at the City Club of Chicago.

According to Reboot Illinois, she pointed to a report from Gov. Bruce Rauner's budget office that says if Illinois continues to spend money at current levels without raising taxes the state's backlog of unpaid bills could reach almost $25 billion in four years.

Radogno called on Democrats to with Republicans to approve parts of Rauner's legislative agenda.

Meanwhile, Governor Rauner says he soon will outline a plan to extricate the state from court-ordered spending.that has been in place for months.

According to the AP:

Even without a budget, the state has been required to continue spending on things such as Medicaid and services for people with disabilities because of federal consent decrees and court orders.

Rauner said in an interview with The Associated Press that getting out from under those will "be a big part of our plan going forward," but he declined to offer specifics on his idea, which one analyst said would require court approval.

Rauner previously has said he's willing to discuss raising taxes, but only if lawmakers agree to enact some of his reforms.



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