Dr. Norem made his weekly visit to the show to give us the latest on the coronavirus, COVID-19, and vaccines. 

We've been going strong with our weekly Dr. Norem segments ever since the pandemic began back in March. Dr. Norem has been excellent at informing us and our listeners.

A new year brings a bunch of new wrinkles to the coronavirus story. Cases are still climbing fast, the United States is breaking new infection numbers seemingly daily. However, the good news that broke at the end of 2020 was that multiple vaccines have been approved and a rollout was started before the year was over.

Being on the "frontlines" of the pandemic, Dr. Norem has already received the first stage of the 2-stage vaccine. There has been some debate recently on the subject of how long a break there should be between the 2 stages of the vaccine. Originally, it was at 3-4 weeks, some want it to be longer.

Dr. Norem explained to us that this wasn't about the efficacy of the vaccine but rather than putting more time between the stages of the vaccine, you could get more of the population going on the first stage of the vaccine. Dr. Norem doesn't agree with the idea but supports where the sentiment is coming from.

Dr. Norem also addresses the big question everyone has now that the vaccine is here. Can I go back to living a normal(ish) life after receiving the vaccine? The short answer is no. The long answer is that we really don't know yet. Dr. Norem broke it all down for us.

As always we thank Dr. Norem for his time and look forward to talking with him next week.


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