Do college kids even drink crappy beer anymore or is it all hard seltzers?

We pretty had 4 beers in rotation during college. We would drink Miller Lite if we had the money to afford an extra couple of bucks for a case of beer. We would drink Keystone Ice if money was tight because at 6+% ABV, you were basically getting 2 for 1. You paid for it the next day, but we were stupid. Then we had the bargain beers that we ordered kegs of for parties. This was usually whatever was cheapest at the liquor store but it rotated between two brands. Busch and Milwaukee's Best. You could get a keg of either of those for 54 dollars on most weekends.

That's a thing of the past because Molson Coors just announced that they will be discontinuing two of the above mentioned brands, along with 9 other underperforming beers.

Here are all the brands that will be getting the axe:

Keystone Ice:

There was a wild time in the late 90s/early 00s where everyone had an "ice" beer and it's appeal was a higher level of alcohol. They all tasted like garbage but that might have been the point.


I've never heard of this. It looks awful. Like very bad.


I'm a little disappointed I never got to try it.

Mickey's Ice:

Another entrant to the ice beer line. The original Mickey's isn't going anywhere. I never ran with a Mickey's crowd. They were a little rougher for some reason.

Milwaukee's Best Premium:

The Ice and Light version of Milwaukee's Best (AKA The Beast) will continue but the heavy beast is being put down. This is the end of a cheap beer era.

Miller High Life Light:

The light version of the champagne of beers. We used to carry this at a bar I worked at. I think we sold 3 in 4 years. I see why this is leaving.

Hamm's Special Light:

I seriously thought that they stopped making all versions of Hamm's 25 years ago. I've never seen it anywhere. I will not miss this.

Steel Reserve 211:

Another malt beverage like Mickey's. I will admit to having maybe 6 of these in my life. I've regretted it every time.

Olde English HG 800:

There's no way that was a real beer. <checks internet>


That is death in a can. The fact that that is legal but weed isn't in some states is a travesty.

Henry Weinhard's Private Reserve:

I've never heard of any of those words. It sounds horrible.


I guess it looks fine but that name is WAY too close to Harvey Weinstein. It's probably a good idea to ditch it.

Those are the brands that will cease to exist. I honestly probably wouldn't have noticed with out the internet telling me about it. I do feel bad for college kids. They're down to just Busch and no one should have to drink that for an entire college career.

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