Today, Wednesday November 16th, is "National Utility Scam Awareness Day," which is a day set aside to raise awareness and educate consumers about being targeted by impostor utility scams that are going on every single day throughout Illinois and the rest of the country.

A couple of days back, ComEd reached out to consumers with a warning that utility scams really go up once we've entered the holiday season. Looking at the calendar, I see that we're in the holiday season once again, so let's be ready to not get scammed.

He has no ID, and no company logos. I'm sure it's fine. (Getty Images)
He has no ID, and no company logos. I'm sure it's fine. (Getty Images)

Scammers Posing As ComEd Employees Will Call Homes And Businesses From A Number That Appears To Be From ComEd, But...

I'm sure you're already guessing that the number that shows ComEd on your caller ID isn't really from ComEd at all. You would be right in thinking that, because it's definitely not ComEd calling you.

These scam calls usually involve the caller threatening you with disconnection of your electrical service make an immediate payment to a bogus (not that you'll know it's bogus) website or phone number. You may even find that the caller demands payments, not in cash or in the form of a credit card, but in gift cards (a sure red-flag every time).

Close-up Of Two Businessmen Holding Card Over Desk
Seriously, if they ask for a gift card as payment, you're being scammed. (Getty Images)

If Calling You On The Phone Doesn't Work, ComEd Says Some Scammers Will Actually Come To Your Front Door To Scam You

Even if coming to your door fails, keep in mind that the scammers are going to be looking for anything they can find around your house that could help them make off with your valuables or even your personal information to steal your identity.

This guy's own mom won't open the door for him. (Getty Images)
This guy's own mom won't open the door for him. (Getty Images)

Here's What You Need To Know To Avoid Being Victimized

According to their warning, ComEd will never call or visit your home or business to:

  • ask for direct payment with a prepaid cash card, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, or third-party payment app like Cash App, QuickPay, Venmo or Zelle;
  • demand immediate payment; or
  • ask for personal information, such as a Social Security number, driver's license number of bank information; we also will not ask for your ComEd account number unless you contact us first to enroll in a program or service.
  • All ComEd field employees wear a uniform with the ComEd logo and visibly display a company ID badge with the logo and employee's name.
  • ComEd recently changed its logo, so customers may continue to see the former ComEd logo on uniforms, badges and vehicles until the logo is phased out.

If you still doubt the person calling you or coming to your door, call 800-EDISON1 (800-334-7661).  A true ComEd employee will not mind waiting.

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