Rockford has many locations that have sadly been closed. But looking through the remains of a location can bring a tidal wave of nostalgia. Take a look at the drastic difference between CoCo Keys then versus when abandoned.

So many places, whether malls, restaurants, stores or pools, shape our childhood. We may not think it immediately, but it's so true. The memories we have stick with us forever. Unfortunately with that, places like those close too.

I'll be totally honest, I never got the opportunity to go to CoCo Keys here in Rockford, but it looks like it was amazing in its day. I came across this TikTok about just how different the place looks like now since it's closed down, and I've got to admit... it's a little jarring.

CoCo Keys Rockford - The Drastic Changes From Being Active to Abandoned

Look at how amazing this place was! Allegedly, this photo is from 2007. Take a look at the exciting spot in it's day!\

Coco Keys, Rockford
nesbobomb, TikTok

I had SO many places just like this in the area I grew up in! CoCo Keys closed 2015 due to lack of regard for public health and safety. The facility was abandoned and eventually demolished in 2019.

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Take a look at what the waterpark looked like after being left abandoned.

Coco Keys Rockford
nesbobomb, TikTok
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It's such a bummer when places that were childhood staples end up like this. But that's isn't all! Check out the whole TikTok for the entire trip down memory lane of the waterpark.

@nesbobomb I remember having so much fun at this place. This is just proof nothing lasts. #greenscreen #abandonedplaces #waterpark #childhoodmemories #illinois ♬ original sound - ®️


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