As if regular people dressed like clowns weren't scary enough, now we have to worry about creeps.

Clowns are meant to be fun and silly. Bozo is a perfect example. Most of us would love the chance to meet Bozo, play buckets and win prizes. But somewhere in the land of clowns, silly ones turned creepy, and creepy became extremely frightening.

Now we have clown warnings across the country as we enter Halloween season.

ABC 7 is reporting that a teenager in Tennessee was attacked by a clown already this fall and that the use of clown costumes has become an issue across the Southern United States.

But we have to keep in mind that even though these stories of clown attacks are coming from Southern states... this summer we were all introduced Gags the Green Bay Clown, who basically gave me nightmares for a week.


Let's just all make a deal that no one dresses up as a clown for Halloween. That way we know that any scary clowns coming out of the trees is an actual threat and we can call the authorities ASAP.