The end of an era is officially coming to a close on WROK.

I can't write anything new or fresh about Rush Limbaugh. His accolades have be sung for years and especially in the past 4 months since his passing.

Rush was a central voice to WROK for decades and his absence has definitely been felt. There have been numerous meetings and discussions about what we should do next with the M-F 11-2 timeslot since Rush died. We have listened to you the audience and took your thoughts on the future of the timeslot with a lot of weight.

It is time to move on with our programming and we will be going forward with The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show. Premiere Network is the company behind both Rush and Sean Hannity. Clay and Buck is the duo that they have selected to move forward in Rush's timeslot. We respect Premiere's decisions and feel that they have the pulse of Rush's audience more than anyone.

Clay and Buck have the official Rush seal of approval and they even made a graphic for it.


No one can replace Rush and it's nice to see Premiere not try to fill the vacated seat with a solo voice. No matter what you thought of Rush's opinions, it was undeniable that he was a legendary talent in the radio world. Simply too much for one person to try and replicate.

Many of you are probably already familiar with Buck Sexton. He's appeared on Rush's show and various other conservative outlets. Clay Travis comes to us originally for the sporting world. Clay is the founder of the website Outkick The Coverage that has seen an explosion of popularity over the past 5 years.

Welcome to the roster guys. Looking forward to working with you.

Clay and Buck will air Monday through Friday from 11-2 on 1440 WROK beginning on June 21st.

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