Wisconsin based Trek has settled with the deceased actor's family. 

NewYorkPost - The “Tommy Boy” star’s kin sued Trek Bicycle Corp. for “commercially exploiting” his name with their line of fat bikes, which sell for as much as $5,500.

If you're unfamiliar with "fat bikes," they're the ones you see that have the really wide tires. I've never really understood their purpose. According to the article, they have better traction on sand and snow which makes sense but doesn't explain why I see them on the streets of Rockford. Anyway.

Trek had a recall of the bikes a few years ago and the Farley clan says that recall hurt the integrity of Farley's name. That makes sense. It seems that they didn't have a problem with it initially, just when the recall happened.

The initial suit was for $10 million but the final settlement is undisclosed. Hopefully, the family can find some peace after this.

The real reason I wanted to write about this was to go back and watch some Chris Farley highlights. He was an important person to me growing up. I've seen Tommy Boy probably more than 50 times and his SNL bits were legendary. Let's take a look at some highlights.

RIP in peace Chris. You were one of the best.

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