Most everyone I know has Monday, August 21 marked down as the day the total eclipse is going to happen.

Did you know, there hasn't been a total solar eclipse in Illinois since August 7, 1869? If you're playing at home, that's over 148 years!

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Based on that news, it would be safe to assume it's gonna be a lifetime and a half before another total eclipse rides through the Land of Lincoln.

Well, not so fast partner. According to NBC 5 Chicago and their handy dandy total eclipse-omoter (which I named myself) the next time the big event will happen is April 8, 2024.

VCG via Getty Images

So don't sweat it. I know you have the day marked down but something is going to happen that will inevitably force you to miss the eclipse but that's OK.

It's no big deal, you'll have just about 7 years to prepare for the next one.

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