Well, maybe not secret streets, but getting around downtown will be a lot easier for those unfamiliar with the area. 

Not everyone knows about the labyrinth of underground streets that crisscross under the loop in downtown Chicago. And even for those who know about the subterranean roadways, they can be a little frightening if you don't know exactly what you're doing.

It took me about 4 or 5 times of getting completely lost down there, I mean COMPLETELY lost before I was confident that I knew where I was going. It's great once you figure it out. A trip from Millenium Park to Union Station can be over a 30 minute trip during rush hour. Underground it's usually a quick 5-minute drive.

The biggest problem down there is that GPS signals will not reach, so you have to navigate the old-fashioned way, by common sense. This is a skill that not everyone has.

This is about to change thanks to the apps SpotHero and Waze. If you're not familiar, SpotHero is an app that helps you find parking in major cities and Waze is a navigation app. I personally highly recommend the SpotHero app. It can save you some decent money on parking.

The apps are investing $15,000 to install over 100 GPS beacons along the 5 miles of underground roadways.

So the next time you're driving around Chicago, take a trip underground. It sounds like you'll have no problem making your way back to civilization.

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