When cops showed up to the home of Jenny Peak after receiving a 911 call, they found this young lady using a crowbar...on HERSELF.

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Drugs are bad, kids. After reading this, sobriety sounds pretty damn good to me. After the cops showed up and convinced her to drop the crowbar that she was pounding her face with, she RAMMED HER HEAD INTO A WALL!

She punched herself in the stomach and in the chest over and over, cursing herself out. In order to get her to stop kicking her own ass, the cops used a taser. Wonder if she enjoyed that pain too? So why did she do this? What was the reason? TWELVE DOLLARS.

Jenny Peak made a $12 bet with her step-dad that she could "kick her own ass."

“I knew I could beat myself up even though I’m pretty tough, I wanted to really show him that I wasn’t afraid of myself.” - Jenny Peak 

What in the actual hell. Nice step-dad by the way, who said that he did in fact pay the $12 be...but would not fork over the $4000 for medical costs. ALSO, because she rammed her head into a wall, and broke random dinnerware and a table...the step-dad PRESSED CHARGES to felony property damage. Someone needs to kick HIS ass.  Detroit Daily News

The total damages physically (obviously there some DEEP mental damage here) includes multiple skull fractures and she knocked out a handful of her own teeth.





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