Elon Musk has announced that his Boring Company will build a high-speed train that will get you from O'Hare to downtown Chicago in 12 minutes. 

NPR - The Boring Company says it would transport passengers "on autonomous electric skates traveling at 125-150 miles per hour," with each skate capable of carrying between 8 and 16 passengers. The skates would be based on Musk's Tesla Model X, and confined to a concrete track.

I fully understand that there's a bunch of skepticism surrounding Elon Musk. I'll fully admit that he's a weird dude. I'll also admit that he's a weird dude that figured out how to do this:

That's pretty awesome. Obviously, the guy can get things done.

I'll also acknowledge that the city of Chicago doesn't have a perfect track record when it comes to handling, well, basically anything good or even ethically.

If you can put those two things behind you for a second and focus solely on this project, I think even the most cynical can get excited about it.

The main selling point is that it's not going to cost the city anything up front. At least that's the plan for now. Musk says that his company will foot the $500 million to $1 billion dollar cost to get it in place. That's pretty huge.

Just knowing that the city of Chicago won't really be involved that much should alleviate fears in most people.

Here's the extremely futuristic video of how it might look. Or it's a trailer for the Blade Runner remake that came out this year. Not sure really.

Another selling point? Fares will be affordable. Musk says that a one-way trip would probably cost around $20. That's not cheap but it's less than what it costs to park your car downtown.

Musk also says that it could be in place by 2022. That sounds a bit ambitious but landing two rockets simultaneously did as well.

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