The Chicago White Sox have had a rough baseball season this year.

Coming out of the All-Star break, the team is eight games back and in fourth place in the American League Central Division.

Sure, there's always a chance they turn things around in a fairly weak AL Central, but there isn't much hope at this point.

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In a season where little has gone right for the Sox, they have scored an absolute win with their 2024 schedule drop video.

Major League Baseball teams announced their 2024 schedules this past week. Several of them put together sleek social media campaigns with flashy imagery to get fans hyped for next year.

The White Sox kept it simple. Instead of blowing their budget on an over-the-top video, the team just invited a bunch of kids to have fun.

The video takes a literal approach the the schedule DROP.

Kids hike up the ramps of Guaranteed Rate Field until they reach the top of the south side ballpark.

From there, they inch up to the edge of the stadium's barrier where they toss items over that represent each team the Sox will play in 2024.

A giant can of baked beans splatter on the ground to represent the Boston Red Sox.

New York pizza goes flying to symbolize the Yankees coming to town next season.

Crosstown rival the Chicago Cubs are called out with a collection of bricks, ivy and a "cup snake" that tumble down below.

The best part of all? The kids look like they are having a blast.

If anything, maybe the video will have White Sox fans forgetting about their disappointment this year while looking ahead to the 2024 season.

They will open next year's campaign at home vs. the Detroit Tigers on March 28.

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