This isn't the best reflection on society. 

SunTimes - upcoming awareness effort...will include buttons expectant mothers can wear to indicate to fellow riders that it would be nice if someone offered up a seat.

I'm not a big believer of complaining about the decay of politeness in our society. I'm of the mind that social norms are changing and that's fine. What was acceptable in 1960 might not have been acceptable 30 years and what's acceptable now might not have been acceptable in the '90s.

But giving your seat up for a pregnant woman? Come on. That never changes.

How do people even deal with the social stigma that goes along with NOT giving up your seat? I'm pretty sure even the most fervent feminist activist agrees with the fact that pregnant women probably deserve the perk of getting to sit down on public transportation.

The program is supposed to launch later this year. Let's hope society can clean it's act up for this simple cause.

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