Chicago is known as a "pizza town" but they've been churning out some pretty big burgers as well. 

Bon Appetit has named their 3 favorite burgers in the country and "The Dirty Burg" from The Loyalist in Chicago's Near West Side has grabbed the runner's up position.

The Loyalist is right down the street from Au Chavel, who have won many burger contests themselves. Bon Appetit actually named Chavel's burger their favorite in a number of past years.

I'd like to add a personal note here. I've had Au Chavel's before. It's good but not worth the wait or price. Grange Hall Burger Bar is literally 3 doors down and in my opinion a better burger. Back to The Dirty Burg....

This cheeseburger boasts a short rib, chuck and ground bacon patty, housemade pickles, American cheese, onions and onion-infused mayo. Sounds good to me. I'd also like to bring attention to the number of sesame seeds on that bun. Packed with seeds. Looks absolutely delicious.

If you'd like more information on The Loyalist you can visit their website here. Better make a reservation though, I have a feeling they might be busy.

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