Chicago has so many fun things to do during this time of year. However, one spot has been crowned the "most overrated" and I have some thoughts.

I honestly wish I had the guts and money to spend more time in the Windy City. It may not seem this way to many, but I think the city has so much to experience and do. Regardless of the weather, I always hear about fun spots to check out.

Although I've never been to this place, I was shocked to hear it being labeled as the "most overrated tourist attraction in Illinois." To me, it looks like a place I'd like to visit at least once.

And no... I'm NOT talking about the famous Cloud Gate!

Cloud Gate - Chicago
Google Maps, Canva

Despite the many beliefs I've heard about this spot, I'd still go there! But, contrary to what many may think, it wasn't the spot dubbed as overrated.

Most Overrated Tourist Attraction in Chicago - Navy Pier

Yep... according to Cheapsim, the famous Navy Pier has been labeled not only the most overrated tourist attraction in Chicago, but in Illinois.

Navy Pier - Chicago
Getty Images, Canva

This place looks like so much fun to me, so I had to go to Google Reviews to see why it might be "overrated." Despite my interest in the spot, I can see certain people's points.

Neat place to visit ...Everything is super over priced and overcrowded... - Jory Fish

Pricing in Chicago is pretty hefty, which is a fair judgment especially if you're bringing people or have kids.

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What do you think? Do you agree? We all know places that are certainly over-hyped, what are some of yours?

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