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Nothing says a good time with your best friend, like getting all liquored up and attacking him/her with a chainsaw. I mean back in Double T's drinking days, we could get pretty stupid together but using chainsaws was never an option....usually hundreds in fireworks that wasn't ours.

Let's head to the southside of Chicago where Preston Smith was boozin' with his best friend and neighbor of thirty years. As the story goes, they were arguing about 2am (nothing good happens after midnight) the neighbor grabs a chainsaw (insert your own sound effects) and attacked Preston, injuring his neck and hands, and nearly taking off some of Preston's fingers!

Preston's fingers are all still there, all seven of them, but having usage of the hand and fingers are a concern. After surgery and rehab, a couple kinds of rehab, he should be ok. Now what about the chainsaw attacker? He fled the scene, (cops looked for a man with a chainsaw that was smelling like Boone's Farm) and he was later detained. No charges were filed, I mean they are best friends after all....

So let this be a lesson to those that wanna drink at 2am with their neighbors. No power tools, no fireworks, no lawn equipment, and no Boone's Farm.

Best of luck to Preston and the usage of his digits. Remember, whether it's the Southside of Chicago, Rockford, or Orangeville, nothing good happens after midnight.



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