Pretty sure some members of the KKK took a look at this guy and were like "you might want to tone it down a bit dude."

NYDailyNews - A 23-year-old Chicago man is being accused of battery after a racist rant led to an altercation at a Starbucks over a simple accident. The disturbing incident was caught on camera showing a man, who has been identified as William Boucher, allegedly spitting and punching a man after coffee was accidentally spilled on him at a Starbucks.

I honestly thought this was a bit when I was watching the beginning of this. Maybe this was some sort of performance art trying to go viral. The racism was so over the top that it looked too cliche'd to be real. I mean saying someone should be bar-coded and doesn't deserve to walk on two feet is some real old-school racism. Then when he just cold cocked the other guy I realized that this wasn't a bit and just a completely crazy person.

I don't think I was alone on this either. The guys arguing with ol' Billy here seemed to not believe what they were hearing and were just going to let this guy go until he decided to Mike Tyson that other guy.

I used to work downtown in the loop and there are no shortage of crazy people down there. You usually just turn up your headphones and ignore them. It's the polite thing to do. But once you start assaulting people, you're going to draw the cops 10 times out of 10.

Judging by this clip our friend Billy here is probably going to spend a little time in jail. I'm sure that's going to go really well for him.

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