Look. We're probably all guilty of this. 

I'm posting this not to shame anyone, it's just a word of warning.

It's commonly referred to as "snow luggage" and it can be quite a menace.

You've undoubtedly seen someone drive around here lately with a couple of inches of snow still on the roof.

The usual problem with this is when it slides off the back right into the path of another driver. It's a little dangerous but mostly annoying.

The real problem happens when you have to stop quickly and it all slides right onto your windshield. That appears to be what happened to our driver in this video.

Kudos to her for the quick thinking and grabbing the snow brush to fix her situation. Should she just pull over and take care of things on the shoulder? Of course, she should be I'm also guessing that when this happens while you're going 65 down 290, you might not be thinking all that clearly.

Folks, the weather is gonna be bad the next week and a half. Take your time and get there safely, your boss will understand.

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