If you bounce around the internet researching the best deep dish pizza in Chicago, there's one name that finds itself at the top of many lists: Pequod's. 

Located in Lincoln Park. The unassuming pizza parlor blends in with the rest of the surrounding architecture.

The interior is clean but well-used. I wouldn't eat off the floor but thankfully they give you plates so you don't have to.

It's been a place that had been on my bucket list for a while but just never got around to trying it out.

I decided to change that over the weekend with a trip to Pequod's before going to Friday night's White Sox/Yankees games.

We arrived a little after noon on Friday and luckily found parking (for free!) right around the corner. It was a sign that we were about to have a great time.

My biggest recommendation for visiting Pequod's would be to go there for lunch for the daily lunch special. Every day from 11-2 you can get a personal pan pizza for 7 dollars.

It's an amazing deal.

I went with sausage and giardiniera.


And my sister went with pepperoni.


They were very generous with the toppings, which were excellent, especially the huge chunks of sausage. The sauce is good. It's not the best sauce in the city, but that's not why you're at Pequod's.

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You're at Pequod's because of the crust. That's why they're at the top of countless lists and it's why I'm writing about them now.

The burnt edges around the outside of the pizza, the cheese that gets singed on the side of the pan, might be the most delicious bites of pizza I've ever had.

The caramelization that happens in their oven creates culinary magic that I haven't tasted anywhere else.

Put this on your bucket list of pizza places to enjoy. You will NOT regret it.

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