I don't know who's kid this is but he's making even me consider having kids one day.

Henry here must be someone's important kid. He has better access to Bulls players than most beat writers. But I have to give him credit, he has decent awareness and his interviewing skills are pretty on point for a 4 year-old. (I'm guessing 4, guessing kids' ages is not a skill I have. I'm confident he's less than 7 but older than 2. Can you talk at 2?)

A couple of highlights:

  • Doug McDermott not knowing that Baby Bells have wax around them
  • Rajon Rondo saying graham crackers is his favorite snack has me worried about him
  • Henry's reaction when he's told to get a tattoo of his mom is pretty great

Looking forward to seeing Henry take the world by storm in 20 years. Kid has a bright future.