Chicago's Revolution brewery has issued a huge recall but says it's just a "quality issue" and the beers pose no health risk to drinkers. According to this NBC report the recall includes Anti Hero IPA, Fist City Pale Ale, Cross of Gold Ale, Mosaic Hero IPA, Eugene Porter (my favorite) and the Unsessionable Imperial IPA.

Chairman Joshua Deth is blaming the recall on a "wild yeast" that is giving the beers unwanted flavor profiles. Deth said that more than 10,000 barrels of beer were affected, though most has already been consumed, he estimates at least 2,000 barrels could still be out there.

If you bought beer within any of the following dates you could be entitled to an exchange:

  • Anti-Hero - 8-5 to 10-11
  • Fist City - 8-11 to 9-26
  • Cross of Gold - 8-23
  • Mosaic Hero - 8-16 to 9-8
  • Eugene Porter - 8-3 to 10-6
  • Unsessionable - 9-27 to 10-7

Here's hoping Revolution Brewing figures it out. If you haven't tried any of their brews I highly suggest giving them a whirl. Like I said the Eugene Porter is my favorite, I have a non affected 6-pack in my fridge right now, but you really can't go wrong with any of their selection.