Jordan. Payton. Sandberg. All these names are synonymous to great Chicago athletics. You can add two more to that list. Benny and Tommy.

That's right. The mascots of the Bulls and Blackhawks, Benny the Bull and Tommy the Hawk respectively, will be enshrined in the Mascot Hall of Fame later this year.

ChicagoTribune - The Bulls honor Benny's upcoming induction as part of Benny’s Day on Jan. 28 against the Bucks. The Blackhawks will do the same for Tommy Hawk when they host the Oilers Jan. 7.

I'd like to preface this next comment with the fact that I think both mascots deserve the honor but..... putting Tommy the Hawk in the same category as Benny the Bull is disrespectful to Benny.  I mean take a look at the dude's highlight reel.

Have you ever seen his popcorn bit?

That's funny EVERY TIME I watch it. So kudos to Benny.... and Tommy on your recognition. Well deserved boys. Now let's get Clark the Cub some pants and maybe he can join you in 10 years.

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