Okay, let's get this over with. It's not nude photos or porn. Not that there aren't plenty of people wandering around the Rockford area that do have nude photos or porn on their phones, but I don't think even the most dedicated bedroom photographer would have an average of 123 of those photos.

It's possible that I may be wrong. I'll have to start asking to see more phone photo galleries around town.

Angry middle-aged businessman looking at cell phone in office
Okay, maybe I don't want to see Pervy Pete's phone. (Getty Images)

So, It's Not Nudes Or Porn, And It's Not Kids Or Pets, Either...What's Left?

If you think about it for a second, you've undoubtedly seen lots of people taking the photos we're talking about. The cool thing about this sort of photo-taking and saving is that it's done by all ages and all races.

It doesn't matter if you're young, old, or in-between, and it doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, or the gender you identify with--chances are very good you've taken a shot or two like these:

The food's delicious...looking. (Getty Images)
The food's delicious...looking. (Getty Images)
Getty Images
Who cares if the waffles are cold, this lighting is perfect! (Getty Images)

That's Right, A New Study Says That The Average Illinoisan Has 123 Food Pics On Their Camera Roll

The study, done by ShaneCo.com, asked over 2100 people across the U.S. to tell them how many food pics are in their camera roll, then determined the states, generations, and regions that take the most food pics.

Getty Images
Oh, I'm not going to eat it, just photograph it. Eating would ruin my diet. (Getty Images)

According to the study, Illinois is the #10 state with the most foodies. We Illinois residents have an average of 123.18 food shots on our camera rolls, which is 23.06% higher than the national average.

Residents of Colorado have the most food photos on their phone with 174.5, and folks who live in Montana have the least with only 51.7. The rest of the Midwest stacks up like this:

  • Wisconsin: 81.7
  • Minnesota: 86.4
  • Michigan: 111.6
  • Iowa: 128.3
  • Indiana: 65.1
  • Missouri: 58.9
  • Kentucky: 73.1

Click here to read the full piece at ShaneCo.com

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