There is video of something that I don't think I have ever seen happen before in the city of Chicago. 

As Northern Illinois deals with the frigid cold weather, life has to go on for everyone. That also includes people having to go to work in cities all over including Chicago. One popular way of transportation in the Windy City is by rail.

Sometimes the tracks that the trains travel on have joints that become pulled apart from the cold temps. That could cause a rail to come apart, which could lead to something catastrophic.

There is one way that railroad crews can fix a broken rail due to the cold weather. Replacing a piece of the rail and heating it up so it could expand.

ABC 7 in Chicago has footage of train tracks being set on fire, and it looks like they are heating the steel so it could expand. If you also look at the comments that were made in the post, most people are saying that a rail needs to be repaired and that is what is going on.

This is something I have never seen before.


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