We can't figure out where this abandoned theater is in Rockford. Maybe you might be able to guess.

Instagram user Jada Witek shared these photos of an abandoned cinema with hashtags #rockford and #abandonedillinois. Myself and several coworkers have looked at these pictures and can not come up with an exact location. Based on the hashtags we're assuming it is in Rockford.

At first glance it could be North Town Cinema (home of the $1 movies) but car and parking lot debunk that theory. Take a closer look.

Abandoned Rockford Cinema
Jada Witek via Instagram

Could it be Colonial Village Cinemas? Look at this other interior photo.

Here is a slight lightened version of the same photo to try help pinpoint where it was taken.

Abandoned Rockford Theater
Jada Witek via Instagram

We're still up-in-arms over which movie theater this used to be. If you've got a guess or answer let us know in a comment.

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