In case you've been living under a rock the last few weeks, this is Wordle.

Well, this is kind of Wordle at least.

The actual Wordle can be found here.

It's actually one of the few "feel good" stories on the internet.

It's story goes like this. Thomas Wardle made this little internet game for his partner a few years ago. He shared it with some friends and a few people played. In November there were about 90 people playing Wordle everyday.

Sometime around Christmas it started to go viral and soon by mid-January there were about 300,000 daily users and today there are millions that play and share their results everyday.

Our own Riley O'Neil has gotten into the game and it's nice seeing his little fist pumps every morning he gets it.

It's an innocent game that literally doesn't want anything from you, including your time, which is a breath of fresh air when every website is seemingly using every trick in the book to get you to spend 3 extra seconds on their website or "just wants your email" so you can play. It's a reminder of what the internet used to be.

It's resonated with millions and now it's made Mr. Wardle a millionaire, as it was announced yesterday that the New York Times was buying Wordle from Mr. Wardle for a sum in the "low seven-figures."

The New York times says that it will initially remain free and unchanged, but the purchase, understandably, has Wordle-ers nervous.

In the meantime plenty of Wordle knock-offs have popped up on the internet, trying to also cash in on the Wordle craze. One of them allows you to create your own Wordle.

I made a couple of them with Rockford themes. Can you solve them?

You can make these longer than 5 letters, which is a bit harder than the original Wordle, so you will have a few extra guesses to get it right.




(The third one is hard)

If you want to make your own Wordle for friends and family you can just use the website I did here. 

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