We’ve been keeping a close eye on the continuing discussion about the future of Exelon’s nuclear power plants in Illinois. This interview from 2014 outlines the problems the nearby Byron plant and others around the state currently are having.

In the meantime, Exelon has asked state lawmakers for help. The company previously said plants in Byron, Clinton and the Quad Cities are losing money:

“The losses are caused more by faulty market mechanisms than anything else. These are correctable problems, and we’re hoping that the state will take the initiative and come up with some solutions for us,” says Exelon spokesman Craig Nesbit, who says other forms of carbon-free electricity get credit that nuclear does not get, and that should be adjusted.

However, there appears to be good news about Byron. The facility was not mentioned on a recent investor call. Steve Daniels of Crain's Chicago Business says that indicates analysts clearly assume Exelon won't shutter Byron, which could be far closer to profitability than Quad Cities or Clinton.

Steve joined us on the show to talk further about Exelon and the future of nuclear power in Illinois:

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