The latest buzz in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor involves accusations made by State Senator Kirk Dillard, and picked up by the Chicago Tribune, regarding Bruce Rauner and his former private-equity firm, GTCR.

Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner

The story is quite complicated, and even the Trib appears unable to draw any definitive conclusions about GTCR's involvement in a nursing home investment— and any possible culpability over patient abuse or neglect.

Rauner joined "Riley & Scot" Monday morning and pushed back forcefully on any allegations of wrongdoing:

Here's the simple fact; my opponents have twisted the facts. The facts are simply: We had nothing to do with management of those nursing homes when those tragedies occurred. And here's the really tragic thing. It's disgusting that my political opponents would try to take advantage of human suffering and tragic events and spin the facts for their own political advantage.

Here's the audio of the full response:


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