Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner joined the show this morning as he continues his campaign for the GOP nomination.

Riley pointed out that unlike other candidates in the past, Rauner seems like he's having a blast on the campaign trail. Bruce says that's true:

I really enjoy it. The people of our state are terrific. I love meeting the folks, the voters, [and] talking about the issues, our challenges, and the opportunities to improve the quality of life here. And I just enjoy the process.

Meanwhile, we also asked Rauner about Friday's endorsement of his opponent, Kirk Dillard, by the powerful IEA union. Rauner says the news only proves what he's been saying:

We've got the powerful government union bosses...they are bribing our politicians with campaign cash and government workers who are paid for by our tax dollars but end up working on campaigns for politicians. That's wrong...These special interest groups, these government union bosses, they are loyal to the Democratic party and Pat Quinn and his allies, and they've come over and they're also trying to bribe and influence some Republicans too.


We also asked Rauner about his views on Second Amendment issues in Illinois and his push for term limits. The full audio from the interview is here:

Rauner was in Rockford Saturday for the Winnebago County Lincoln Day Dinner and also was in the Stateline this morning in Roscoe for a public event.

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