Okay, Boeing didn't really build this airplane in four minutes. They did it in their normal assembly time, but the video is a time-lapse that boils it all down into about 4 minutes of amazing assembly and coordination. The airplane you see here is a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner being built for British Airways, the first 787-9 for the British Airways fleet:

Some fun facts about the Boeing 787 Dreamliners from Aversan.com:

  • Depending on the model and configuration, the plane sells for approximately $146 to $200 million dollars. According to sources, there have been about 1057 total orders for the 787 Dreamliner (this includes the 787-8, 787-9, and 787-10 models).
  • The Dreamliner contains approximately 2.3 million parts, which have been supplied from all over the world. The Boeing 737 had only 400 thousand parts.
  • The size of the windows on a 787 Dreamliner are the largest of any airplane to date, measuring at 47 by 28 centimeters (or 19 inches high). According to Boeing, this makes the 787’s windows 65% larger than any other aircraft window.
  • The cabin is state of the art! Flight attendants and other crew members have the ability to customize the lighting in the cabin – they can simulate a bright daylight or a calm night sky. Even more interesting, the plane has no window shades! Instead, there is a dimming option for passengers.
  • An empty 787 weighs close to 117,617 kilograms. That’s the equivalent of about 29 elephants! The wing span measures at 197 feet (or 60 meters), the length is 186 feet (57 meters), and the height is a total of 56 feet (17 meters).
  • It flies at Mach 0.85, which translates to about 650 miles per hour.
  • It takes substantially more than four minutes to build one (I added that one).