Such an intimidating and slick looking creature. The Black Panther has been spotted in Illinois since the 90's, here are the areas they've been seen.

I have a funny Black Panther story from a David Copperfield show at the Metro Centre from years ago. No there wasn't a cat lurking in the hallways, just a moment of comedy at a magic show, anyway...

This majestic creature has been spotted in Illinois several times since the 1990's. Near Columbia, Millstadt and Maeystown, IL a Black Panther was spotted and tracked for quite a while. St. Clair County Animal Control went as far as getting a helicopter up in the sky to track the giant black cat. The only thing that was ever found, paw prints.

Also, walking around the woods near Edwardsville and north of Troy, IL another Black Panther was spotted! Now these places are nowhere near us, but there are in fact Black Panthers in Illinois.

Ryan McVay

Back in 2012 there was a film crew in Illinois doing a Bigfoot thing. The "Finding Bigfoot" tv crew had wrapped for the night (no word if they found Bigfoot) but as they returned to their hotel, bam! A freakin' Black Panther.

Now the "Illinois Department of Natural Resources" claim that these cats DO NOT exist in Illinois. I smell a conspiracy, people. Would they exist if we wore masks? What if we gave the cats monthly checks while they don't work? Yep, something is going on "Illinois Department of Natural Resources."

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