So far in 2021 for Illinois, a billion dollars worth of legal recreational marijuana has been sold.


Illinois Loves Legal Recreational Marijuana

It is a pretty obvious statement. Illinois loves legal recreational marijuana. Let us be honest, our state enjoys any kind of cannabis. It was very popular before it actually became legal.


Now, because the sales in the dispensaries are tracked, we can see how popular weed really is. By the looks of it, I think it is even bigger than anyone thought. Each month breaking the previous record. I thought by now it would slow up, but as of now, there is no end in sight.


Billions Dollars Of Weed Sold In Illinois

Look out Ronald but someone else has over a billion served. Should our state put up a sign that all visitors can see as they enter the Land of Lincoln? That would be hilarious, especially at the Illinois and Wisconsin border. All I know is that is a big number with a lot of zeros, $1,000,000,000.


According to fox32chicago...

"Recreational marijuana has become a cash cow for Illinois."


"The state is reporting $997 million worth of recreational marijuana has been sold so far this year."


"That far outpaces 2020 when Illinois recreational cannabis businesses raked in $669 million for the entire year."


Other stats...

  • September sales = $122 million
  • June Sales up 10%
  • July sales = record breaking $128 million
  • Lollapalooza increased Chicago sales by 50%

I would like to know if snack sales have increased in Illinois too.


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