It's been a long winter but one of the best signs of Spring is finally upon us. 

I wouldn't say that I'm addicted to mini putting but I definitely have a bit of a problem.

Side Note: I know not everyone says "mini putt." That's just what my family always called it. If you call it mini golf or even go all out and say miniature golf, that's fine. I draw the line at putt-putt though. That's for children and people from Michigan.

Back to the important stuff. Folks, Volcano Falls opens this weekend. Yes, it's a limited schedule but it's a schedule. Here's when you can go mini putting this and the next couple of weekends.

  • Friday - 3-8 PM
  • Saturday - Noon-8 PM
  • Sunday - Noon - 8 PM

Hope to see you out there. As a reminder. I will take on all comers. I haven't been beaten in a while. Good luck to all.

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