One of the very first things that indicated my future wife Amy was the girl for me was the fact that, back in the mid-70s, Amy won a t-shirt from McDonald's for approaching the counter and singing out the Big Mac song (maybe she won it, maybe they gave it to her to get her to leave. Potatoes, pah-tah-toes):

  • Two all beef patties
  • Special sauce
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Pickles
  • Onions
  • On a sesame seed bun

She told me about this on one of our first dates, which is when you whip out the impressive information about yourself. Are you old enough to remember this:

While My Wife Was Just Using The Big Mac To Increase Her Wardrobe And Social Standing, A Couple Of Years Before That A Guy In Wisconsin Was Meeting The Love Of His Life

On May 17th, 1972 a Fond du Lac, Wisconsin man named Don Gorske had his very first Big Mac, and that led to a lifelong love affair, along with a couple of records from the Guinness Book of World Records.

The 70-year-old retired prison officer from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, USA, ate his first Big Mac almost 52 years ago, on 17 May 1972.

“In that moment, I said: ‘I’m going to probably eat these for the rest of my life.’ I threw the cartons in the back seat and started counting them from day one,” Don recalls.

He has kept track of every single Big Mac he’s eaten since that day and still has all the containers and receipts.

Up North News, Facebook
Record Holder Don Gorske (Up North News, Facebook)
All That's Interesting, Facebook
All That's Interesting, Facebook

So, Just Exactly How Many Big Macs Has Don Chowed Down On Since 1972?

For the longest time, Don would knock back up to nine Big Macs per day, but in recent years he's dialed his Big Mac consumption rate back to only two per day. As you might imagine, 9 Big Macs per day really sends that "total Big Macs eaten" number skyrocketing. Don "only" ate 728 Big Macs in 2023, but his total is still stunning:

34,128 Big Macs. And he's not dead, surprisingly enough.

“Many people thought I’d be dead by now but instead I’ve been a record holder for my 24th year – one of Guinness World Records’ longer-running record holders, so that’s pretty cool to me,” he told Guinness.

His secret? He skips the french fries, walks 6 miles a day, and has the right constitution for such a high calorie and high fat sandwich. His cholesterol is within healthy ranges, and he gets a wellness check every year.

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