Look out for 'them critters', this guy, could bite your fingers off. Ouch!

Last week everyone was talking about the large snake that was living at Rock Cut State Park, this week, we've been alerted to the danger of snapping turtles inhabiting the park.

Stateline resident Jerry Gossen was visiting Rock Cut State Park on Wednesday when he spotted this guy.

Beware of Snapping Turtles At Rock Cut State Park
Jerry Gossen (Photo used by permission)

If you are thinking, "Hey, I'd like to pick this guy up", think again.

It's not just the bite of a snapping turtle that can cause harm, you need to be on the look out for its claws. The claws of a snapping turtle can lacerate the flesh of any human who attempts to handle them. Snapping turtles are also considered to be rather "belligerent" because, unlike other turtles, they are too large to hide in their shells, so they fend off any threats

Though I have to admit, this guy looks pretty cute, but I wouldn't touch him. Surprisingly, unlike the snake found at Rock Cut last week, I could outrun this feller!

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