In Illinois, your lawn could be damaged by jumping worms that are moving into our state.

It seems like every time I'm browsing the internet, I see a story about some kind of predators like fish, insects, animals, and more, coming to Illinois and causing issues.

Here's the latest, jumping worms.

According to,

"You just need to scrape the surface of the soil with your hand before they emerge. Worms that wriggle so rapidly they’ve been dubbed jumping worms. They don’t really jump. They got the name from their body reaction if you try to pick them up and move them. They came from Europe."

"A resident suspects the creatures have been destroying his lawn. He can scrape up portions of grass with his hand and find the worms below. They pulverize the dirt and the grass can’t grow.”

“Populations of jumping worms have the potential to change the soil structure, deplete available nutrients, damage plant roots and alter water holding capacity of the soil.”

Just add them to the list of reasons why my lawn won't look good.


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