While the weather outside says it's still summer, big box retailers say it's time to get ready for fall with an abundance of Halloween decorations, costumes and candy.

Even I'm already putting together my costume for this year. I made the mistake in waiting until the last minute to get my costume last year and I was left scrambling to find anything that could make me look like Velma from Scooby Doo.

Once you've got the costume all figured out and the candy's been selected, it'll be time to decide where to take the little ones to load up on all the sweets that you plan on stealing once they've gone off to bed.

So where do you get the best candy? Which neighborhoods are the safest? Someone asked Reddit, and I asked listeners on my Facebook page and here's a list of the best neighborhoods in the Rockford area for Trick-or-Treating:

1. Calvin Park Boulevard


2. Chicory Ridge in Roscoe


Gina-Lisette Devlin says, "My girls used to love meeting up with their friends over there and go door to door. There are lots of people who go all out and make their houses scary. Some people bring out their fire pits and have a giant block party. It's crazy busy, but lots of fun."

3. Otter Creek in Durand


Will Bloyer says, "The whole subdivision gets involved...it's great!"

4. Edgewater


Jeri Larrow says, "Last year we had a great turnout." Additionally, homes along Cumberland/Oxford/Harlem really go the extra mile with their spooky decorations.

5. Woodridge Drive and Star View Drive by Gregory Elementary School


Where do you take your kids trick-or-treating? What neighborhoods could we add to the list?